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  1. Akishura Reply

    Pardon, in law, release from guilt or remission of punishment. In criminal law the power of pardon is generally exercised by the chief executive officer of the statespc. Pardons may also be granted by a legislative body, often through an act of indemnity, for .

  2. Kajas Reply

    Jul 21,  · pardon (third-person singular simple present pardons, present participle pardoning, simple past and past participle pardoned) (transitive) To forgive (a person). quotations ▼ (transitive) To refrain from exacting as a penalty. quotations ▼ (transitive, law) To grant an official pardon for a crime. quotations ▼.

  3. Dinris Reply

    EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR PARDON I beg your pardon, dear Madam, and your patience with me on such an occasion as this. And before you got off the beams, Andrew, the governor .

  4. Fenrijin Reply

    Some common synonyms of pardon are condone, excuse, and forgive. While all these words mean "to exact neither punishment nor redress," pardon implies that one remits a penalty due for an admitted or established offense.

  5. Faeshakar Reply

    Pardon, amnesty, reprieve are nouns referring to the cancellation, or delay with the possibility of eventual cancellation, of a punishment or penalty assigned for the violation of a military regulation or a civil law; absolution from guilt is not implied, merely a remission of the penalty.

  6. Fegrel Reply

    Pardon me is sometimes used to say you are sorry when you do something slightly rude, such as burp or accidentally push someone.

  7. Zulkijind Reply

    8 hours ago · The records included a governor's pardon review form with Bevin's apparent handwritten notes indicating he would give Taylor a full pardon. "From all that has been presented to me, including the.

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    Define pardon me. pardon me synonyms, pardon me pronunciation, pardon me translation, English dictionary definition of pardon me. verb 1. to forgive. Pardon my asking, but can you help me? 2. to free. The king pardoned the prisoners. noun 1. forgiveness. He prayed for pardon .

  9. Zululabar Reply

    Jul 30,  · You say ' I beg your pardon ' or ' I do beg your pardon ' as a way of apologizing for accidentally doing something wrong, such as disturbing someone or making a mistake.

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