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  1. Aratilar Reply

    If you're lucky you'll write a huge ear-worm like Call On Me or Keep On Jumpin'. For variation, change the chord sequences underneath the vocal now and again. This will maintain interest and keep the track flowing. Chop it up. If all else fails then you can always butcher the vocal and isolate individual syllables and sounds.

  2. Mat Reply

    The transitions between the registers can help you determine your voice type. The range of the voice where a singer is most comfortable is called tessitura. If you hear the word tessitura used in a discussion about a song, in that case, it refers to the area where most of the notes lie in the song.

  3. Dagal Reply

    Bajanic - The End () Instrumental - Rock Bajanic is back, with a remake of the closing track from their album My Little War from ! Also check out Hadron Sonata () from the same upcoming "Equinelibrium with new, improved sound"! And check out their library of pony songs on their channel if you didn't know about them before! I remember saving tracks such as the awesome OST-like.

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    Check Out Our Turntable Store Need a new record player? Check out our turntable store for a great selection of turntables, needles, accessories, and more.; Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Register a free business account.

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    You don’t want to be in the center of the room, and you don’t want to be close to the sides either. Stay in the brown and you’ll be fine. Hot tip: If you can, point the mic at one of the corners of the room. This increases the distance to the closest wall. If you can, point the mic at one of the corners of the room.

  6. Zolorg Reply

    Jan 24,  · You need to get a dry and neutral environment so your vocal doesn't have this unpleasant coloration. As was previously suggested, basstraps and absorbers (preferably 4" thick) appropriately placed. You don't want to have an anechoic chamber, because that's unpleasant, but you do need to soak up a lot of that obnoxious midrange reflection.

  7. Arashijora Reply

    This is a Top 10 Mix in Vocal House Music. Not all Tracks are listed here in Beatport. We hope you have fun with the finest selection in Vocal House Music! Chart Top 10 Vocal House Mix. Bit Resolution; Date Created ; Genres House, Deep House; $ Title. Artists. Remixers. Label. Genre. Released. 1. City People.

  8. Yomuro Reply

    Aug 28,  · Using the Vocal Assistant, Nectar Elements analyzes your vocal and—within seconds—offers up a custom preset of EQ, compression, reverb, and pitch correction so you have a starting point for placing your vocal in the mix. Let’s get to it with my vocal. Since I’m going for a pop sound, I chose modern as a Vibe, and Moderate for Intensity.

  9. Yozshushakar Reply

    What the LA-2A will do to add to the enhancement of your vocal is that it smooths the vocal and glues it in place in the mix. Running 2 compressors in series is something I employ often. The idea with this is that using 2 compressors allows us to not have to push 1 compressor extremely hard which can lead to unwanted, audible pumping.

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