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  1. Kigat Reply

    Nov 29,  · In this video i will show you how to build a AM radio from scratch! It will be built around a AM Radio IC,the TA Radio Ic,a copy of the MK IC. This radio is very easy to build and get working. All parts use to build radio are: pin mini Breadboard White Postal Box x 80 x 33 mm TA Radio Ic.

  2. Dourn Reply

    May 21,  · How to make 5 Volts 1 Amp Dry Battery - Homemade Battery with Aluminium & Iron (NaCl Battery cell) - Duration: Mr Electron , views.

  3. Mom Reply

    Sep 14,  · OR if you have specialty shows about specific topics such as games, investing, religion, etc. You may be able to find something within that niche. Also remember that information/data is important to advertisers, so the more information you can collect about your listeners when you make contact with them should be saved. 2. Become an affiliate.

  4. Mauhn Reply

    You can set playlists, field listener requests, and step away from the control desk as the automated system takes over. Step 3 – Get a website. Next up is your website: every credible radio DJ needs one, so you can provide a landing point for your audio brand. If you are using SAM Broadcaster Cloud, this is covered for you.

  5. Voodoora Reply

    Nov 20,  · When you build a radio brand, you help fight the perception that all radio stations are the same - with too many commercials and not enough music or other content. Take action to help you and your station stand out in a cluttered market. Use these 10 tips for building your radio brand on and off air.

  6. Brajas Reply

    “It’s like you needed some sort of third arm to make it easier.” Without physical contact, current can’t flow through the radio within a closed circuit. In other words: The radio wouldn’t work. The radio builders eventually connected larger parts to the circuit board. The .

  7. JoJogore Reply

    Jun 25,  · Ask how you could have made it work. That break wasn’t unsuccessful because of some unknowable outside force. It was something you did. Or didn’t do. Figure it out. 3. Whenever you hear some aspect of your performance that needs improving, make note of it. Keep a written list of things you .

  8. Shaktim Reply

    Sep 19,  · You also don’t need a working radio. As long as your radio has a working speaker, you’re golden. You can even use a radio with a broken speaker. Just buy a new 3″ speaker for $5 and replace the old speaker in a snap. Today, we’re showing you how to mod your old radio .

  9. Kigara Reply

    Mar 29,  · Technology has improved quality at radio stations but it has also spread radio programming online and to podcasts. Radio now reaches a wider audience than ever. You too can write a great program and build an audience by learning the Views: 49K.

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