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    May 27,  · Blues songs are popular for their slow, melancholy feel and expressive lyrics. Think of an emotional theme for your blues song, like heartache, depression, or loneliness. Use 4-line verses where the 2nd line repeats the first for a classic blues structure. Make your 4th line rhyme with the first 2 if you can, but this isn’t leututognabarlilittmortpertietopfirs.coinfo: K.

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    It's not difficult to write a blues song of your own, and who really minds if you sing the blues a little of out of tune? Try this simple formula: think of something you might have a complaint about. Your baby left you. The sun hasn't shined in days.

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    Description Learn to create your own blues solos with with Stuart Bull This groundbreaking guitar lesson course helps you play your own blues solos from the simplest point right through to complicated licks and phrases. This superb tutorial will show you how to take your existing ideas and develop them into something fresh and exciting.

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    Aug 05,  · Whatever this is, it is real — and quantifiable, and extends far beyond my own meager solar system of colleagues and pals and dearly beloveds. Call it pandemic fatigue; call it the summer poop.

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    Major Pentatonic Scale. Learning these two scales will be the bread-and-butter for creating your own blues guitar licks, and thankfully they’re a couple of the easiest ones to learn. In fact, these two scales are some of the first that a beginner player will learn, other than the major and minor scales of course.

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    This exercise encourages students to consider the storytelling feature of the blues while allowing them to write their own blues song in AAB blues format. Start by playing B.B. King's " Three O.

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    Oct 08,  · Create you own custom jam tracks. Pick your chords, tempo and style and let Backing Track Builder do the rest! FEATURES: ☆ CREATE LITERALLY BILLIONS OF POSSIBLE JAM TRACKS. It's like having your own personal backing band! ☆ BUILD YOUR TRACK YOUR WAY. Choose the perfect chords, tempo and style. ☆ WIDE RANGE OF STYLES IN A VARIETY OF GENRES. Rock, blues.

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    Dec 28,  · Come see my paintings; be a goldfish and SMILE," he laughs, referring to his Bossa Nova rendition of Charlie Chaplin "Smile" the first song on his debut album BYOB (Bring Your Own Blues). So pour yourself a glass of wine and hold on for a delightful, relaxing mix of Latin jazz, country blues and luscious jazz ballads, and enjoy the leututognabarlilittmortpertietopfirs.coinfo: $

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    Jan 24,  · Well, my girlfriend was gone, and I was left here all restless, Yeah, I ain't had no chocolate since January No, I been Zoltar and Zoltar on rage mode since January Think I'll go and eat the cake my dog made for me before the restlessness gets too much. Great and original strip, faved.:) Displaying 12 out of 12 comments.

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