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  1. Arashikora Reply

    Lots of songs have cryptic meanings (I'm looking at you, Bob Dylan), but sometimes, the hidden message is, literally, backwards. In a recording technique known as "backmasking", a vocal snippet is dubbed backwards onto an otherwise forward-sounding track, concealing the meaning of the original vocal. The secret message is revealed only when an enterprising listener plays the track backwards.

  2. Milmaran Reply

    Jul 14,  · For the most part, Satanic backwards messages in songs don't exist, except in the minds of uptight religious types still convinced musicians would rather sacrifice their fanbase to the Dark One instead of keep them around to sell more stuff leututognabarlilittmortpertietopfirs.coinfo fact, the vast majority of real backwards messages are weird, silly things that parody the very idea that rock stars would worship the Devil through.

  3. Nerg Reply

    Nov 10,  · The heyday for the "evil backwards message" hysteria seems to have been somewhere in the late s to the early s, which is a pretty good .

  4. Sashakar Reply

    Oct 04,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Lateralus - Tool - Backwards YouTube Rare Tool Interview about 10, days - feat. Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey - Duration:

  5. Taubar Reply

    In the light and visions of the issues of Stanley, we have changed our minds. We have decided to include a backwards message, Stanley, for you and all the other book-burners. Roger wanted to use the HAL shutting down sequence from , but Stanley Kubrick refused so Roger put in the backwards message.

  6. Kasho Reply

    This song contains many backward messages. Here is one of them that occurs right at the very end of the song.. It says: “Play backwards. Hear words sung.” – Download mp3 file. However, by far the most controversial backward messages on the song can be found in the following soundtrack. They say backwards: “Its my sweet Satan.

  7. Akilkree Reply

    Backwards message: “Join us.” In , when evangelical organizations were making a furor over “Satanic subliminal messages,” Slayer got blatant and recorded chants of “Join us” over the introduction to the song “Hell Awaits,” which culminates with a demonic voice booming “Welcome back!” before the song explodes in a barrage.

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    This concept album, released by ELO in , contains many backwards and hidden messages, both visual and auditory. It was a further response to the Satanic backmasking controversy. [26] The British release contains a parody warning label about the backward messages, but this was deleted by CBS Records for the United States version.

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    Nov 28,  · Backwards masking, as this phenomenon became known, centered on songs by bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, acts that supposedly implanted subliminal satanic messages .

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